IT Infrastructure

  • irregular and expensive system maintenance
  • slow systems
  • unreliable systems (frequent service interruptions and occasional data corruptions)
  • undocumented systems
  • minimal 10% cut in current costs
  • system optimisation and adjustment in maintenance policy
  • increase in system performance
  • increase in system security and reliability
  • documentation and standardisation of the system

Many companies install their (often undocumented) IT systems once and have a tendency to forget about them either in the attempt to save on maintenance costs or simply due to their negligence or ignorance. Eventually this will create a problem and lead at first to underperformance of the system and then to unstable and unreliable system that grinds to a halt every so often. The down time will lead to reduced operability and responsiveness of the business as a whole and may at the end lead to its closure or at least a major expense to service or overhaul a failed IT system. Regular maintenance and well documented systems has proven to be the key to successful operation of many modern businesses nowadays.

Why mileIT IT Infrastructure Services?

With 25+ years of experience in system creation, implementation and maintenance, mileIT Server & Infrastructure Services provides datacentres and enterprise IT with maintenance and support to improve their reliability, flexibility and agility. We will tailor end user’s computing service requirements to fit within different segments of your business environment in order to improve workspace collaboration and seamless user adoption to the new or existing IT environment. We can plan and develop IT infrastructure for you, including physical environments, range of server solutions, workstations and information systems that best meet your business in terms of information security and budgetary constraints.

Our enterprise system management provide consulting, implementation, maintenance and support compatible with the most used industry standard frameworks. We are also here to provide you with professional mainframe support, database management and middleware management.

mileIT Server & Infrastructure Services offers optimisation and maintenance in the area of converged network infrastructure with the aim to reduce the overall costs and to improve communication in business processes. Our security services management will build, install, implement, deliver, manage and monitor reliable 24/7 IT systems that incorporate security infrastructure equipped with vulnerability management, security information and event management.