Core Benefits


  • No input costs
  • No output costs
  • Contractually defined contract duration


  • Reducing IT costs
  • Planning new IT systems
  • Negotiating with suppliers, representing your business


  • Increase system performance
  • Increase system security and reliability
  • Minimal 10% cut in current costs

Management Outsourcing

Successful outsourcing of the company’s management can result in substantial cost savings, improved and more flexible service levels, reduced risk, and can free scarce resources to concentrate on the other core business activities. Outsourcing management using mileIT Management Outsourcing Services will deliver your outsourcing objectives cost-effectively, whilst reducing business and operational risks.

IT Consulting

Information technology has become one of the pivotal aspects of modern human life. Being used in virtually every aspect of our lives, be it our daily activities or business, IT is now de-facto an imperative for all businesses in order to promote their business, products or to increase earning in order to returns on investments made.

Ambiguities arise frequently in connection with the costs and performance of IT and telecommunication systems. The risk of introduction of the new IT or telecommunication system is not to be underestimated and may have serious implications on the overall business. Advice is often required to the businesses BEFORE the first steps are made on how to use information technology in the best possible manner.

IT Infrastructure

Many companies install their (often undocumented) IT systems once and have a tendency to forget about them either in the attempt to save on maintenance costs or simply due to their negligence or ignorance. Eventually this will create a problem and lead at first to underperformance of the system and then to unstable and unreliable system that grinds to a halt every so often. The down time will lead to reduced operability and responsiveness of the business as a whole and may at the end lead to its closure or at least a major expense to service or overhaul a failed IT system. Regular maintenance and well documented systems has proven to be the key to successful operation of many modern businesses nowadays.


Cloud Solution Provider - Indirect
Office 365 i Azure
Office applications, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Authorized Partner
Remote access

Authorized Reseller
Exchange solutions

Authorized Reseller
Netwrix Auditor
Auditing system

Referral Partner
HelpDesk system
Ticketing system

Secure One Reseller
Symantec Endpoint Protection
Antivirus software

About us

More than 20 years of presence on the IT market and with more than 15 years of managerial experience, we provide support in IT business to our customers. Our clients enjoy benefits of innovative approach in design and implementation of IT business solutions and personalized approach in handling their needs and wishes.
In the current atmosphere of a severe business competition, the IT system that is well thought through and implemented plays ever increasing role in positioning and success of the company on the market. Precisely for that reason the main aim of our company is to offer a full and comprehensive business IT solutions targeted at acceleration of business processes, reaching quality strategic decisions, simplification of project management and, naturally, reduction of costs associated with running a business.
We have proudly participated in a range of demanding projects which helped us become wanted on an IT market as the associates and consultants guided by the principles of business excellence and high quality of service.
Professional approach, careful resource planning and constant investment in education guarantee supreme quality service for our clients. We invest a lot in our training and development to keep us up to speed with the latest developments in IT sector.
In our company we do not divide our clients into big or small but, instead, the biggest reward for us is a satisfied business partner. Hence, we encourage our clients and partners to contact us and let us know their ideas and wishes in order to achieve their growth, but also our own growth, through a quality mutual cooperation.


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Copyright © mileIT Services 2022

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