Management Outsourcing

  • long-lasting manager selection process (input costs)
  • paying taxes and fees associated with having an in-house manager (min 100%)
  • expensive termination process (output costs)
  • no input costs
  • no output costs
  • contractually defined contract duration
  • SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reviewable, Time bound)

Successful outsourcing of the company’s management can result in substantial cost savings, improved and more flexible service levels, reduced risk, and can free scarce resources to concentrate on the other core business activities. Outsourcing management using mileIT Management Outsourcing Services will deliver your outsourcing objectives cost-effectively, whilst reducing business and operational risks.

Why Management Outsourcing?

For every successfully employed manager, there are even more that fail. Many companies experience no cost savings and many more feel that manager’s contracts are unenforceable or unfulfilled. Management selection process is a long-lasting one that induces high initial costs and the position of selected manager, regardless of his or her overall performance, bears with it substantial amount additional costs that manifest through various taxes and fees. One has to be critically aware of the complications, longevity and expenses involved in termination of such agreements.

The reality however shows that more than half of all management outsourcing contracts does not have to be renewed. The input costs are reduced to a bare minimum and there are no output costs involved whatsoever. The contract arrangements are defined for a short term period and renewal of the contract is an option.

Management Outsourcing adheres to the SMART principles of a good management. Given that successful management outsourcing engagements must be mutually beneficial and sustainable for the duration of the requesting company’s needs, it is of critical importance that the right strategies are enacted with the right providers and that the inevitable transitional challenges are effectively managed.

A structured approach to managing the full life cycle of your management outsourcing engagement from initial concept through to implementation will result in a well-defined, win/win partnership, between you and your outsourced manager that will deliver key benefits to your business, reduce dependency on the managers and raise the overall satisfaction with the service provided.

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Using an experienced third party to manage your business will maximise your ability to achieve your company’s objectives, whilst at the same time minimising the risk of impact on your business, both during the outsourcing process, as well as into the new operating model.

Why mileIT Management Outsourcing services?

mileIT Services is an independent company. With 20+ years of experience in IT management, we have gathered significant experience working for number of companies, both local and Europe based and for each of them we have developed the most appropriate outsourcing model.

Our engagement model is centred on providing experienced, independent outsourcing specialists to work with your technical, commercial, legal, human resources, and financial teams to define your outsourcing needs and to manage the management area we are being entrusted with.

We bring the industry-leading frameworks, processes and tools to deliver quality outcomes on time and on budget while reducing your cost of having a manager on board.

We have a 100% track record. Every assignment we have successfully completed is our reference