IT Consulting

  • ambiguities regarding the existing costs of IT and telecommunication system
  • ambiguities regarding performances of IT and telecommunication system
  • ambiguities regarding the new IT and telecommunication system
  • contact us BEFORE making first steps
  • we negotiate with suppliers together with you
  • we do not represent any company; we represent you

Information technology has become one of the pivotal aspects of modern human life. Being used in virtually every aspect of our lives, be it our daily activities or business, IT is now de-facto an imperative for all businesses in order to promote their business, products or to increase earning in order to returns on investments made.

Ambiguities arise frequently in connection with the costs and performance of IT and telecommunication systems. The risk of introduction of the new IT or telecommunication system is not to be underestimated and may have serious implications on the overall business.

Advice is often required to the businesses BEFORE the first steps are made on how to use information technology in the best possible manner. Businesses today tend to be very complicated and expectations of clients so high that the advice of IT consultancy for managing, administering, deploying and implementing IT systems is often a must. Due to the ever increasing and changing demands of the clients it is vital to involve an impartial IT consultant in the procurement process from the get go and complete the most viable deal for you together.

Why mileIT Consulting Services?

With 25+ years of presence in IT business and numerous high-impact advices for businesses of various sizes, mileIT Consulting Services are ready to step in to fill your technology gaps and properly plan, design, implement, configure, streamline and maintain your company’s IT and telecom technologies in a cost effective, time saving manner with the aim of increasing your productivity and profit. Our consulting services are best in the industry and at par with the international standards.

We will develop for you the corporate IT and telecom technologies development strategy and project scope that will enable further development and expansion of your business but also help you plan your IT budget and assess the possible outcome of a decision implementation.

On top of that we can analyse current situation in the company, for instance, and identify the current problem areas, suggest available tools and any adaptation and/or development of technical and technological solutions to have the problem resolved or mitigated.

We also offer consulting services on the use of various software solutions and products as well as servers, network and computer equipment. We can prepare for you, various technical specifications, feasibility studies and other documentation on the use and implementation of IT and communication technologies.